Ditch Marinating for Easy and Delicious Summer Grilling

Summer bbq party concept - grilled chicken, vegetables, corn, salad; top view

Why spend hours marinating meat and veggies when you can set up the grill and quickly cook delicious meals for your summer BBQs? Exactly, there’s no good reason not to enjoy grilled goodies in the summertime. All you need for the perfect grilling experience is your favorite meats, veggies, seafood, cheese, even fruits, and fresh seasoning. Fire adds a unique and alluring smokiness to virtually any type of food, and the taste is simply divine. Here are a few quick tips on how to make grilling fun and easy!

Get the Grill Super Hot, and Prep the Ingredients

Grilling meat and veggies over a hot grill
For things to really cook quickly on the grill, you need to choose something lean and marbled (like shrimp and skirt steak) or slender and sturdy (like scallions and asparagus) that will be ready in less than 20 minutes. While the grill is heating up, pat your ingredients dry and let them settle until they’re ready for grilling. It’s super important to keep only one side of the grill hot so that you have a cool zone to move ingredients around for pause and regroup purposes.

Grilling Is About Following the Flames Rather Than the Recipes

Every time you cook something on the grill will be a little different. No two fires are the same, and the taste will therefore always differ. In other words, use your senses to get the best results. Instead of following directions from a recipe book, focus on the ingredients on the grill in front of you. Play around with levels of doneness if you’re curious to explore different tastes, and don’t forget the general rule: the ingredients are typically ready to flip over when the bottoms release naturally from the grate.

Season Enthusiastically

grilling vegetables that are richly seasoned
The best grilling advice is always about seasoning. Play around with spicy, fresh, salty, or acidic seasonings to bring out contrasting flavors without killing off the natural smokiness of the grill. And, don’t forget, there’s nothing that butter can’t fix, both in grilling and in life. You got this.