How to Make Corned Beef With Leftovers, Potatoes, and Onions

There is a simple way for enthusiasts to make a phenomenal homemade corned beef hash, even with leftover corned beef. It involves making corned beef or using one that is already available and then chopping it in a mix with some potatoes. Frying everything together with onions will result in a wonderful corned beef hash that can be served as a side dish or together with egg breakfast.

Homemade Corned Beef Hash Is With Nothing But Onions and Potatoes

Corned Beef Hash In a Pan
The potatoes for the corned beef hash should be boiled, and the onions should be stewed properly. Once it is ready, the hash can be served with runny fried eggs. Making this hash is certainly a good reason to make corned beef, although leftovers can be used as well. When the corned beef is ready, the recipe can be completed in four simple steps.

Corned Beef Hash In Four Simple Steps

First, heat butter in a large skillet on medium heat. Then, the onions should be added and cooked for a few minutes. When they become translucent, chopped boiled potatoes and corned beef can be added. The second step is about mixing everything properly by pressing down on the mixture with a spatula. The heat should also be increased for this step.

Corned Beef Hash Portion

The third step is to cook everything until it gets brown and then flip it. This should be done without stirring. Once the mix is sizzling, it is ready to be flipped. A metal spatula is perfect for checking the browning and flipping the mixture. After every flip, the mixture should be pressed down again. If it sticks too much, butter can be added to the pan to fix the problem. The cooking should continue until the potatoes and beef are nicely brown.

The fourth and final step is preparing the dish and serving it. The mixture should be removed from the heat and stirred with chopped parsley, freshly grounded black pepper, and salt to taste. The meal can be served with poached or fried eggs and is a perfect breakfast.